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SESSION A (June 20 - July 1)


Introduction to Music (violin, percussion/drum set, or piano)

  • Entering grades 2-4 in the fall
  • No formal training or up to 1 year of study in violin, percussion/ drum set, or piano.

Elementary Classical Music (strings and piano) Musical Theater, Jazz, and Rock

  • Entering grades 2-5 in the fall
  • Classical Music, Jazz, and Rock Program: Has studied their instrument for at least 1 year.
  • Voice/ Musical Theater: no formal training is required - but should love to SING!


PROGRAMS: Classical Music (strings, winds, piano), Jazz (winds, piano, bass, guitar, drums), Rock (guitar, bass, drums, voice and piano), Musical Theater & Contemporary Voice, and NEW THIS SUMMER - Intermediate Songwriting & Music Production!

  • Entering grades 5-8 in the fall
  • Has been singing or studying their instrument for at least 2 years.
  • Has completed or is studying a Book 2 level book on their instrument.
  • Songwriting & Music Production: singing or playing an instrument for one year and some or no experience with Garage Band or Pro Tools First.
  • Younger students may enroll with this Teacher Recommendation.


PROGRAMS: Honors Chamber Music (strings and piano), Honors Jazz Ensemble (instrumental) and Honors Rock Ensemble (instruments and voice)

  • Audition and this Teacher Recommendation required.
  • Student should be playing their instrument above grade level and should stand out in performance and music reading in your ensembles.
  • The student should contact the camp for audition details (

HONORS CHAMBER MUSIC (strings and piano). After receiving the audition demos, our faculty will select a chamber music piece (duo, trio, quartet) and expect the student to arrive at camp with his/her part learned fluently on the first day of camp.

HONORS JAZZ (instrumental). The student should be playing and improvising at the top level in your ensembles.

HONORS ROCK (instrumental and voice). The student should be dedicated to practicing and performing at the top level in your ensembles.

SESSION B (July 5 - July 16)


Classical Music (winds, strings, and piano), Jazz (voice, winds, piano, bass, drums, guitar), Rock (piano, bass, drums, guitar, voice), Contemporary Voice, and Music Production & Recording.

Students should be at an "Advanced" level of musical ability to participate. (Note: The Music Production & Recording Program is designed to be suitable for students at all levels of experience. While the Advanced programs are geared for students entering grades 9 - 12 (ages 12-17), exceptionally talented younger students who fulfill the requirements may enroll with this teacher recommendation and an audition.)

  • Classical Music: Recommended 3 years minimum of experience on your instrument. Instrumentalists who are part of a school ensemble should be near or at Music Proficiency level 5.0 or equivalent. Pianists should be studying Mozart or Beethoven Sonatas, Chopin Waltzes, or equivalent.
  • Jazz: Recommended 3 years minimum of experience on your instrument. If part of a school ensemble, should be near or at Music Proficiency level 5.0 or equivalent. Participants should have some experience in improvisation. Pianists should have experience reading chord symbols.
  • Rock: Applicants should be playing or singing at an advanced level and have experience playing in a band. If part of a school rock ensemble, should be near or at Music Proficiency level 5.0 or equivalent.
  • Contemporary Voice: Applicants should be at an advanced level of musical ability. If part of a school vocal ensemble, should be near or at Music Proficiency level 5.0 or equivalent. They should have experience in at least one of these vocal styles: Musical Theater, Contemporary, Pop, or Jazz.
  • Music Production & Recording: students with all levels of experience may enroll.

HONORS LEVEL: Classical Chamber Music (strings, winds, and piano), Honors Jazz Ensemble (instrumental), and Honors Rock Band

The Honors Ensembles are designed for students who are playing at a level higher than your typical high school student, such as those who are considering choosing music as their major in college.

The teacher must recommend the student for this ensemble, and in addition, the student must submit an audition demo. They should contact the camp ( for details about the required audition. Geared for high school students, qualified younger students are welcome to apply. Instrumentalists should be playing at Music Proficiency level 6. Applicants to the Jazz Program should be able to improvise fluently. Students who are accepted into the Classical Chamber Music Program, will be assigned their parts upon acceptance and are expected to arrive to camp on the first day with the piece learned fluently. Rock musicians should have well-developed technique on their instrument and look forward to working on challenging material.


This program has 2 tracks: Studio - which does not require an audition demo and is for songwriters with very limited experience in songwriting, and Advanced - which is open to a limited number of experienced songwriters who are considering choosing this as their major in college. (such as the CAM - Creative American Music major offered at the UM Frost School of Music.

Admission is based on this teacher recommendation and a demo (for Advanced only). The guidelines for the demo can be found on the camp website.