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Scholarships and Financial Aid
Postmark Deadline April 15


The camp is pleased to offer highly talented students Artistic Merit Scholarships. The amount of the scholarships ranges from $75 - $200. The events listed below must have taken place during the current school year. If you win a competition that occurred after our deadline, it may still be possible for you to receive a scholarship from the Camp. A camper may only apply for one Merit Scholarship. (scholarship awards cannot be combined.)


Note: You must first register for the camp and send in your deposit before applying for a scholarship.

1. Send verification of your award. It could be a copy of your acceptance letter or a copy of the program with your name circled. The document you send must include the date of the event. Make sure that the camper's name is clearly visible.

2. When the camp receives your verification letter and posts your scholarship to your camp account, you will receive a confirmation email. This may take up to 2 weeks after the camp receives your verification document.


Note: The awards listed below apply to campers attending Sessions B and C. For campers attending only Session A (one week session), the amount of the awards is 50% of the stated amount.

1. FMEA (Florida Music Education's Association) All-State winners or equivalent event in your home state. $200.

2. Federation of Music Clubs State Convention winners. $200.

3. Miami-Dade County Superintendent Honors Festival or any similar All-County Honors Band, Orchestra, or Choral Festival in your home state. $75.

4. State Solo Music Performance Assessment (MPA) - superior rating or equivalent event in your home state. (note: this award does not apply to District Solos and Ensembles events) $150.

5. Other Artistic Merit Scholarships: If you have won an artistic award that is on a State Level and is not listed above, you can send the camp a full description of the competition and the committee will accept it for review: $ amount varies.


Postmark Deadline April 15

If you cannot attend the Frost Young Musicians' Camp without additional financial aid, follow the steps listed below:

1. Register for the camp.

2. Download the financial aid application, fill it out, and send it in.

3. Tell us if you have received any other scholarships that you will use for a music camp include the amount and the source of your award. If it is still pending, please also tell us that.

4. Prepare a 5-minute audition demo of your best playing. If you are applying to the Advanced Honors Level, you can use the same demo. The camp only accepts demos sent by email. (movie or link to youtube).

5. When the camp receives your complete application - including written form and emailed demo, we will email you a confirmation letter.

6. Decisions will be emailed to the camper by May 1. PLEASE do not call the camp office prior to this date.

PLEASE NOTE: THE MAXIMUM FINANCIAL AID AWARD IS NO MORE THAN 50% of THE CAMP TUITION. The maximum total family income cannot exceed $50,000 to apply for financial aid. International students may apply for an Artistic Merit Scholarship, but not for Need-Based Financial Aid.

In the event that a family cannot afford to pay 50% of the tuition, please send a detailed letter of explanation and your application will be placed on a waiting list. Decisions for campers on the waiting list will be emailed no later than May 30.

Please follow the above requirements carefully as the Scholarship Committee will not accept any incomplete applications.