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Honors Ensembles

Our Camp is proud to offer Honor Ensembles to students who are much more advanced on their instrument for their age and their grade. An audition is required in order to apply to these ensembles.

While ALL of our camp faculty are highly trained musicians and educators, our Honors Faculty is particularly selected because they are members of the UM Frost School of Music faculty, graduates, or graduate students studying under these faculty. The Honors Ensembles meet for an additional class after regular dismissal. The Camp offers these special ensembles in both the Middle School (Session A) and High School (Session B) camps. Our Honors Ensembles can be found in the Classical, Jazz, and Rock programs. Acceptance is determined by audition.

Students selected for the Honors Ensembles are broken into small groups - Small Jazz Group, Small Rock Band, and for the Classical program, they are broken into chamber music groups of 3 or 4 performers. They perform in the Final Concerts in their Honors Ensembles as well as in the ensembles in their program. They will also receive a certificate signed by their Honors professors.

To see specific details, including the audition process, click on the Advanced or Intermediate Classical Program, Advanced or Intermediate Jazz Program, or the Advanced or Intermediate Rock Program and open up the DAILY SCHEDULE found on the first page. You will see the Honors Ensemble at the bottom of the Daily Schedule.