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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to wear my camp T-shirt every day?

You only need to wear it on concert days, however many of our campers like to wear this very cool shirt on other days too.

2. Do I need to bring my instrument to camp every day?

Unless you are a singer, play the piano, or the drums, you need to bring your instrument every day to camp! You are in charge of your instrument - UM is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damage to any of your property.

3. I play the drums - what do I do?

We provide drum sets - that is why there is a drum set usage fee. You will need to bring your sticks.

4. I use an amp - what do I do?

Please bring a portable, lightweight amp with a cart to camp every day. You may choose to bring a bigger one on concert days. We have amps available for rent for those of you who arrive by air.

5. I am staying in the dorm - can I pick my own room-mate?

Yes you can! Let us know in advance, please.

6. How do I pay for camp?

UM only accepts payment by credit card (Amex, MC, Visa, Discover). Look for the PAY HERE button on our website to pay by credit card.

7. Are there any deadlines?

a. April 1 - early registration discount ends.
b. April 15 - scholarship applications are due.
c. May 1 - all Honors Program auditions due.
d. May 20 - full payment due for Session A (Elementary, Intro, and Intermediate)
e. June 5 - full payment due for Session B (Advanced and Songwriting Institute)

8. When are the Final Concerts?

The schedule will be posted on this website in March. Please, Please - do not plan to be absent on Final Concert Days - We need everyone to participate! Plus - we will really miss you...

9. Are there special arrangements on Final Concert Days?

Yes there are! We will have our regular camp activities and classes, plus concerts. Please check the camp website and your email regularly during camp to find out the latest!

10. What is the UM Tax ID #?