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Community Service Program for Session B
(for students entering grades 11 or 12)

Students with leadership skills entering grades 11 or 12 are encouraged to apply to the Camp's Community Service Program. Applicants must exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. After the Camp receives your application, qualified applicants will be contacted by our Student Activities Director for a Zoom interview. A Teacher Recommendation is also required. Accepted participants will be required to go through the UM vetting process, including finger printing, background checks and other UM volunteer requirements. Participants also receive a free daily hot lunch in the UM cafeteria.


Community Service
Hours Awarded

(July 5 - July 15)
(including Sat. July 8)


Note: This program has limited enrollment, so we encourage applicants to sign up early.

The available positions and the duties of the Community Service Program participants include Counselor and Technical Assistant. If you would like to apply for either of these positions, contact the camp: to request an application.


  • Participants will be working with a small group of campers ranging ages 14-17, and with camp faculty.
  • Classroom duties include: assisting faculty as needed, including taking and monitoring attendance for all classes, lunch, and special activities.
  • Other duties include: setting up chairs, stands, and other necessary equipment for ensembles. Counselors will be expected to model correct (ie. ‚Äúmature‚Äù) behavior in the classroom, at lunch and during concerts.
  • Counselor may be asked to assist the Director of Student Activities, as needed.
  • On the Final Concert Day, Counselors assist the faculty and ensembles they are needed to prepare for the concert. They also assist during the final concerts.
  • They are responsible to make sure that the campers in the final concerts depart with either a parent or camp-approved adult.
  • Participants are required to attend a half day pre-camp orientation, during which they will take a campus tour, help unload and set up camp equipment, and help assemble registration materials. This will take place either 1 or 2 days before camp begins. They also will be asked to assist in the load-out of camp equipment after the camp is over.

Technical Assistant:

  • Applicant will assist the Director of Student Activities.
  • Duties will include moving instruments and sound equipment.
  • Other duties: set up and break down of stage equipment for concerts, talent shows and jam sessions, and monitoring sound during these activities.
  • Assistant will also help set up amplifiers, mics, and drum sets as needed in the classrooms. Knowledge of these jobs is a requirements of this position.
  • Assistant may be asked to participate in an ensemble, as needed.
  • Assistant may be asked to assist the Director of Student Activities, as needed.
  • Assistants stay at camp after regular dismissal on the Final Concert Day to assist at all the final concerts as needed.
  • Participants will be expected to attend a half day pre-camp orientation - during which time they will attend a camp information session. The Technical assistant(s) also assist in loading, unloading, and the setting up and packing up of all musical equipment and supplies.


  • Sarah Neham Salz
  • Phone 305-498-4925
  • Email: