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Bass Player, 17

...I had a lot of fun at the camp, it made me a better bass player especially playing for bands. The teachers were really good, I learned a lot from them and their experience...

Voice & clarinet, 13

...really love this camp so much. I have improved in my singing tremendously. Everyone is very nice and the teachers are awesome.

Jazz voice, 16

...The camp was amazing. I've learned how to scat and arrange music for big bands. The teachers are awesome, all so happy.

Jazz piano, 15

...This camp really taught me how to practice in many different relax when playing...also...has made me a better player.

Guitar, 9

...My experience here at camp was great. I love it here. I improved in singing. I love all my teachers.

Bassoon, 13

...I liked this camp because I learned a lot about my bassoon. I learned more about music and I definitely improved.

Violin, 17

...This camp has helped me improved throughout the many years I have attended. I learn more at this camp in a week than I do in a whole year at school. The teachers are all inspiring, patient, and make learning fun. If it wasn't for this camp I would not be where I am today. I hope to work here one day. My performance skills have improved as well as my confidence. It is great to come back to this camp every year and be able to show my teachers how much I have improved throughout the school year. I base my entire summer around this camp.

Violin, 14

...I've been coming to camp for three years. This camp is very special to me. I learn more about music theory & techniques to improve my playing. Camp also ensures that I'm still practicing everyday so when I come back to school I've practiced & gotten better.

Guitar, 16

...Over the course of these last 3 weeks, I've grown as a musician as well as a person. Meeting talented musicians has inspired me to work harder and perfect my technique, while picking up new instruments. I learned chord structure and specifically improved in understanding how music is mapped out or formed. Brevard Sullivan was a great role model for how to get into the actual business of music and how working hard really pays off. Jackson Bunn inspired me.

Clarinet & voice, 14

...I love this camp! I am definitely coming back next year, and possibly doing counseling.

Piano, 12

...I have been coming to the camp for 4 years and it is still awesome.

Voice, 14

...I LOVED this camp. In 3 weeks I learned more than in a semester of vocal/piano classes. Awesome experience! I would love to come back next year. Never had I experienced something as interesting (in the musical field). I simply loved it! I will come back from Colombia (South America) next year!

Piano & voice, 12

...My experience in this camp was really good. I enjoyed how everyone is nice and how this music program improved my theory a lot. I learned a lot about key signatures and a lot of technique... pronunciation of vowels and how to breathe correctly. I loved it!

Voice, 11

...My experience was great. I learned songs, dances and how to do my own warmups. Being able to see many talented musicians. It was a lot of fun.

Voice, 13

...I had a wonderful experience at this camp. I learned a lot of new and interesting things at an exceptional quality. Musical Theater was my favorite class with Raina Murnak. She influenced me to have fun and enjoy my performances.

Alto sax, 14

...I had a great experience at the camp. I learned a lot and had a great time. The teachers were great and the food was really good too. I learned much more theory and improv techniques.

Voice, 13

...I love the camp because it is really fun and at the same time we are learning a lot of things. I want to come here next year.(from Spain)

Alto sax, 10

...My experience was a very nice and fun one. The counselors are friendly and the teachers are too. I got better at soloing and I learned a lot of new music.



I wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you did for (my daughter)... this year... She had decided not to take band in High School. I was very upset, but didn't let her know that...too much. Your camp really turned her around. She came to me about 2 weeks before camp was out and said "Dad, I think I made a big mistake. I love music and really want to be back in band this year". I got her back in the band because of your camp. Thank you so much for that!!!

She has requested to work for you next year as a counselor if you will have her. She told me that she wants to give back to the camp in any way she can next year. She really loves it there and wishes school was like that too.

Parent - Colombia, South America

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful music program you offer. My son ... had a wonderful time. He learned a lot and is eager to go again next year.

This has been a great experience, not only for him, but for us parents too. To see him on stage playing music and enjoying himself has been very rewarding.

I am sorry I didn't get to thank you personally, I didn't see you after the show.

We'll see you again next year!

Parent - Paris, France

...Just came home ! She was extremely happy of her stay in Miami. Thank you very much, your school is amazing.


Our deepest appreciation and thanks to the camp and all involved, which took such excellent care of our daughter, it was a rewarding experience for her.


Just wanted to tell you:

G... had a fantastic time at the camp and the final concert was great, so much talent, unbelievable what was accomplished in only 2 weeks. He wishes he had signed up for Session B, but this being the first time, we didn't know. It was great, and we will let everyone know.


. G... is very excited for the show!!! We are thrilled that Chuck (Bergeron) enjoys teaching C... Of course UM is definitely on the top of college choices!!

Parent of a high school volunteer

What an amazing show on Friday... Of course I enjoyed watching B... perform but the other performances were outstanding. I was impressed with the talent this year. The teachers all seemed so proud of their students and everything was so well put together.

You both have done an amazing job. Everything looked so organized and flawless. B... loved the experience this year and is looking forward to volunteering for Session B.